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In Love
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In Love
You auto-fall-in love!
This time there's no excuse baby!
You wanna make it faster?
You gotta rip it hard.
You gonna ask no questions,
And don't you choke...

Lights out!
Someone told me that my way would find me
if I keep on keeping my eye closed
So I packed my backs and got myself an overdose
An I saw the light
with the lights out
Doesen't feel the same anymore
I'm on my knees bagging
Don't put the light's out!

She Loops
She loops endlessly, on and on
She reborns - reincarnation
lay reverse, her rebirth
Don't turn the volume down
When she's around
Come on rip me my heart out
Befor her eyes go dim
Would you rip me my heart out
Before her eyes go dim
So don't you dare to turn
The volume down

The process
You're awesome,
I wanna make you mine
Like no one's
Iwanna catch your eye
I've been waiting for you
Like all night
But now you push me away
How can you push, push, push oh!
I know you want too, just like I do
But this is the process of habituation
Why can't you see
I'll make you love me
Cause this is the process of...
I'll be the last to love you
And when you're dead
I'm gonna die too I promise you
Don't you force me to force you
Cause I can't let you go nomore
I promised to!
This is the process of...

March of the Ladymen
Enhale a little me, don't leave
Embrace my swollen meat
Don't breathe, du du du...
Waiting for the day
When you don't
messaround nomore
Come together in the name of
Love and dope
Then we'll slepp
and we don't get up nomore
Come together!

You look so motivated
You gotta lust for life
You wanna make up your way
I'm not that shure about me
I can't repeat the chorus
I'll keep on running away
But no lie, this time I fixed the Problem, you will see!
I give a fuck but not to you
In the end I'll call you again.
Oh long time that you bored me
I'm ready to go
I wanna wreck myself today
You gotta give in!
You gotta give it away!